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Online table games with live dealers are becoming increasingly popular. For those who love card games, you should play live blackjack online with a live dealer. No skill is required here. The variety of betting ranges allows you to play it regardless of bankroll.

Now, sitting at the monitor screen in the comfort of their home, everyone can feel their presence in a real casino and get a lot of vivid emotions. You can follow the dealer’s deal and shuffle and flip cards.

Live Dealer Blackjack casino game

Everyone can use effective strategies to win. You can develop your unique strategy, even at the stage of free training in demo mode. Bitcoin live blackjack is possible with different bets. Eight decks of fifty-two cards are used at each table. The dealer periodically shuffles them.


After placing a bet, each box gets a pair of cards to face up. The dealer will have one card. It may be a closed or open card. If the dealer has an ace, the gambler can use insurance. It is paid at two to one of the live blackjack rtp dealers.

If the user receives a blackjack, the payment will be made at three to two odds. The dealer will stop at seventeen or higher.

Further stages of the giveaways open the possibility of using additional actions. The player can double the initial bet with any hand of a pair of cards. After that, he will get one card.

It is possible to split two paired cards with an additional bet. It is the same as the initial one. Splitting is possible only once. In the case of splitting aces for the pairs of new hands, one card is dealt.

Additional bets are worth mentioning:

  • bet Behind on another player’s hand;
  • an additional bet available, Perfect Pairs, at all tables of online blackjack live dealer;
  • additional bet 21+3, with a win or loss, depending on the first pair of cards of the user, as well as the dealer’s open card.

Other additional bets are also possible. Everyone can win a decent, generous sum by choosing live blackjack in a virtual gambling establishment. The noticeable difference between live blackjack rules is the presence of a live dealer in the game. The broadcast takes place in real time.

The online version of a popular game can be broadcast from specialized studios or even real casinos. You have the opportunity to communicate with the dealer. Automatic moves are excluded here.

The rules, as well as the exact odds, may vary. It depends on the platform where you spend your free time. That said, gamblers often have plenty of options to win and withdraw large currency rewards.

Pros and Cons

Live dealer games are popular. And the live blackjack app is no exception. The advantages of this game are more than enough:

  1. Reliability is the ability to keep control of the dealer’s actions. This applies to shuffling the deck of cards and sending in the shoe. In this way, every user will feel safe.
  2. It is possible to play in multiplayer mode. You will be able to communicate with the dealer.
  3. The realism of the game. You can feel yourself in a real casino while staying at home.
  4. When playing blackjack with a live dealer, the cards will be dealt by a live person, not a computer program. As a result, there is more trust and reliability.
  5. Live blackjack provides a realistic casino experience to players.
Live Dealer Blackjack_Main Rules and Best Casinos to Play 1

There are a lot of other advantages to this game. Many people like card games and prefer live blackjack free to regular games.

Among the pluses of the online version of blackjack with a live dealer is worth mentioning:

  • excellent accessibility, practicality, and convenience for players who do not even have to leave home to feel in a land-based casino and have a fascinating time playing their favorite card game with a real live dealer;
  • the variety of games allows you to choose all that the soul desires, even the most fastidious visitors to the club;
  • you can choose the pace of the game and take your time.

Everyone will be able to appreciate all the charms of live games in online mode. And if you want to have fun and replenish your financial reserves without physical effort, this entertainment will be a real find.

TOP rated casino for US players

If you decide to play blackjack with a live dealer, it is essential to find a reliable and safe online casino, the range of which has such entertainment. Among the most popular clubs worth mentioning:

Many more reliable clubs have exciting and addictive live dealer blackjack games. It is worth taking a closer look at the best virtual gambling establishments.

Slots Empire

For those who adore risk, who are gambling and daring, the doors of online casinos are always open. Here you can choose a variety of online entertainment. Among them, slots with live dealers are trendy.

Red Dog

For those who believe in luck and success, online casinos always offer an exciting blackjack game with a live dealer, creating a sense of realism and allowing you to communicate with the croupier during the game. Here, everyone has a chance to get a big reward for winning.

And if you’re lucky, you can get rich immediately if the winnings are particularly generous. Using practical strategies, you’ll be able to win often and get generous rewards in currency. Thus, very soon, your financial well-being will be able to improve considerably.

Aussie Play

Trendy is the live games with dealers, which allow you to feel like you are in a casino and to communicate with the croupier. You’ll enjoy playing live dealer blackjack or another live game while having all the chances to snatch a big score.

El Royale

For all those who strive to win and feel confident and brave, it’s worth playing the popular blackjack card game with a live dealer at an online casino. By learning the rules and features of the game beforehand, you can minimize mistakes and increase your probability of winning. You can devise your unique strategy or use the already known ones.

Las Atlantis

For an exciting and vivid pastime, many people choose online casinos. Here you can feel the realism of live dealer games. You can enjoy the process and rejoice in victories by choosing a live blackjack site with a dealer. Here, big winnings are likely. And to withdraw your rewards, you must choose a convenient payout method by reading the terms and conditions on the site at a convenient time.


The online casino will be fun for beginners and professionals alike at any time of day or night. You can enjoy live games with dealers, which will help you feel the game’s realism. You’ll feel like you’re in a land-based casino. But you’ll be playing at home, comfortably seated in front of the screen, without having to go somewhere and waste your precious time.

Golden Lion Casino

The range of online entertainment at the casino is impressive. Here everyone who is gambling and daring, who prefers card games, can play live blackjack, getting a lot of pleasure from the process. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the game’s rules in advance to minimize possible mistakes and build their tactics for a bright win.

Cherry Gold

For every thrill-seeker, playing casino live blackjack with a live dealer at an online casino will be a great solution. This machine is among the abundance of decent machines in the range of virtual gambling establishments. It is trendy. You’ll be able to communicate with the dealer, follow his actions, control the course of events in the game, and use an effective strategy to win a generous reward for your victory.

Roaring 21

A reliable and safe online casino offers everyone to try their luck and play live dealer games. Choosing the live dealer jackpot, you will not regret it. Here you are guaranteed a thrill. In the same breath, you’ll be watching the game and waiting to see the result, hoping to snatch a big score.

VIP Slots

For the most active, the best users at online casinos created special privileges. Here is an impressive range of slot machines. Only the best entertainment is presented for selection. High rollers, who spend significant amounts of money on bets, enjoy spending time in the club and receive appropriate rewards for victories, expressed in monetary terms.

Every active player can upgrade their status and play the most exciting and promising slots. It is worth playing casino live blackjack with a live dealer to feel the game’s realism, enjoy the process, experience the joy of victory, and withdraw a tremendous and extensive kush.

Live Dealer Blackjack_Main Rules and Best Casinos to Play 2

How to start playing Live Blackjack online

The main objective in Live Blackjack is to beat the dealer and score as many points as he has. The important thing here is not to go over twenty-one. If the dealer overcounts, you can win, regardless of the number of points.

A mobile live blackjack classic is an English version. A deck of fifty-two cards is used here. At the same time, jokers are not used in the game. There are seven boxes on the table. Each player can occupy several places, participating in the game.

To calculate the number of points, it is necessary to understand the values of the cards:

  • cards from a deuce to a nine-count at face value, respectively.
  • ten points are added for a ten, a jack, a queen, and a king. To make it easier, all these cards are called tens.
  • the Ace can take on a variety of values. It can be one or eleven points.

The suits in the game do not matter. Each user’s task is to collect the maximum points, not exceeding 21. In this case, twenty-one points are the best combination. In the case of an over-combination, if you score more than twenty-one points, you are instantly defeated.

In the case of Nat’s combinations, when you have an ace and any ten, this option is called live dealer blackjack USA. The payout, in this case, is three to two.

In this game, the bets are chosen in advance by the users. In this case, each table has its range of rates. After the player contributes chips, the dealer proceeds to the distribution of cards. After that, you need to assess how potent your combination is. Depending on this, you can make the right decision:

  • take the cards;
  • stop;
  • give up.

It is essential to keep in mind that the opportunity to surrender is not always there. So it’s worth studying the rules of the virtual casino where you’ll play blackjack with a live dealer in advance. Low commission awaits you when recharging via card. In the review, we repeatedly said so.

In the process of the deal, there are a variety of possible developments:

  1. The combination of blackjack consists of an ace and a ten. In this case, you have nets, so there is no point in taking additional cards. The winnings are paid at the rate of three to two.
  2. Surrender is possible. You will lose half of your bet if you don’t want to continue in the game. It is impossible to refuse the deal when the dealer has an open ace.
  3. It is possible to split the spirit of two paired cards. In this case, it is necessary to make another bet, the same as the first. In the case of a pair of aces, the split can be done once. In other cases, the split can be done twice.
  4. Doubling option Double is present at the beginning of each draw. After doubling the user’s bet, the dealer puts in another card. This is advantageous when the hands are ten or eleven points.
  5. Insurance Insurance is an additional bet when the dealer has an ace. This bet is half of the minimum bet. If the dealer has a blackjack combination, the user is paid an amount of two to one. In other cases, the bet goes to the club.
  6. The Equal Money Even Money option is used when the player has blackjack and the dealer has an open ace. As a result, the user receives a payout on the box in the traditional one-to-one amount.

Other options are also possible. Each player needs to be attentive, keep track of developments, and monitor the actions of the croupier.

Main game types

There are wide varieties of live blackjack. Among the most popular are:

  • American;
  • European;
  • Spanish 21.

In addition, other varieties of blackjack with a live dealer are also possible:

  • Variety 17.
  • The Perfect Pair.
  • Pontoon.
  • Switch.
  • Open.

Each type of game has its characteristics.
Live Dealer Blackjack_Main Rules and Best Casinos to Play 3

Live dealer Blackjack online for real money

To play for real money, the user must prepare thoroughly to minimize the possibility of failure and losses. Valuable tips can help increase the likelihood of winning:

  1. Choosing tables with bets starting from five percent of your deposit is worth choosing.
  2. Do not play several hands at once. It is optimal to concentrate on a single hand.
  3. For those just getting acquainted with the best live blackjack online game with a live dealer, it is worth using tables of the most winning and effective strategies. This way, you’ll be able to learn many valuable things yourself. That will help you often win and play with more confidence.
  4. Using the camera view settings, it will be possible to see the cards obtained by other gamblers.
  5. It is essential to study in advance the rules and features, the nuances of the varieties of a live blackjack game in which you are interested.
  6. Do not often resort to using the insurance function. It is not easy to predict the outcome of events with many cards.
  7. For the beginner, it is worth choosing programs that open games with the dealer’s software 17. In this case, the rewards are accrued at three to two.

Thanks to simple tips, you will be able to win more often. It is essential to be attentive to the process and skillfully control your emotions. Make a minimum deposit and watch the game professionals.

Mobile live dealer Blackjack

For those who love to play on the go, being in any place where the Internet is available, from a smartphone or other gadget, there is an opportunity to play mobile live dealer blackjack USA with a live dealer. Everyone will be able to get a bright and thrilling experience while playing. There is an opportunity to win a large sum.

Giving and success affect the course of events in the game. But the player himself can increase the likelihood of winning by coming up with new authoring strategies or using effective strategies that exist. You can play mobile real money live blackjack at any time of the day with a free demo version or play for real money.

The first option will be attractive for beginners who can train without financial investments, gain experience, learn the rules and develop their unique strategy for frequent victories. In addition, the demo mode will be of interest to professionals to test the slot.

This will be able to understand how lucky the player machine is. And if the frequent victories will be, you can conveniently bet and rejoice in victories, withdrawing generous rewards. Otherwise, you can train more and develop a new strategy, effective for the victories. The evolution of the app over time has made mobile gaming accessible and appealing.

Other live casino games to play

The assortment of games in a live casino is enough. And each one is interesting; you can get generous rewards for winning. You can enjoy your free time by choosing from the range of games at the live casino. Luck and success, thrills and excitement await you.

You can play the best casinos for free, so try to earn yourself a bonus, bitcoin, and run your game stream.

Live Baccarat

The essence of live baccarat is as close as possible to the face value of the hand. Here it is essential not to exceed this figure. Baccarat goes all the way up to the nine. Of the most popular varieties of live baccarat, it is worth highlighting a couple of the most favorites among gamblers. These are Playtech Live Baccarat and Evolution Squeeze Baccarat. Everyone can choose the option that best suits their tastes and mood.

Live Roulette

The meditation of the classic card game has a roulette wheel spinning with different colors and numbers. With the correct prediction, you have all the chances of pulling off a generous and significant payout. It depends on the number, color, group, and side bets. Among the most popular are the Mega Fire Blaze Playtech Roulette and the Evolution Lightning Roulette.


To make it possible to play live blackjack online casino with a live dealer at an online casino, users must register on the electronic platform, create an account, and deposit. After that, it will be possible to read the game’s rules, study all the conditions to play with understanding, and responsibly approach gambling entertainment. This is the only way you can succeed and win often.

Everyone has a chance for big and generous winnings. To do this, you must study as much information about the game and read it correctly. This way, you can avoid mistakes, increase the probability of wins and minimize losses. Study the rules of the top sites to accurately make a better understanding of betting and strategy.


For anyone who loves live online games, it’s worth checking out the answers to the users’ questions. This way, you can learn something new, using the information to play more confidently and win more often.


Live dealer blackjack is a perfect combination of the best of reality and the virtual world of gambling. Here the game is run by a professional croupier. Everyone has a choice between playing regular blackjack or a live game. It is possible to control the dealer’s actions: shuffling the cards; handing them out; turning the cards over. As a result, the game will be more convincing. And most importantly similar to the one you play in a land-based casino.


The main objective of the cardboard game online is to get a hand as close to twenty-one as possible. At the same time, it is essential not to exceed this number. The game’s action is broadcast from a land-based casino or similar location, and everyone can communicate with the dealer during the gameplay. You can play in multiplayer mode to feel yourself in reality.


Many online casinos offer a range of bonus live blackjack with a dealer. Among the most popular virtual clubs worth mentioning: ComicPlay; Cherry Gold; Golden Lion Casino. There are other virtual gambling establishments, reliable and safe, where you can happily spend your free time and play live online table games with a dealer.


The game from a cell phone will be no less interesting than from a computer. In the mobile version, you can get the same vivid emotions and play anywhere on the Internet. The primary condition is access to the network, the place you will play, and your gadget.