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ComicPlay Casino Review

Of all the available casinos, Comic Play takes a worthy place among all the others. You play at this casino just for the fun and easy money you’ll earn by playing at the casino. We don’t need to tell you how good the casino is. You can see for yourself and leave positive feedback on the official website. In the Comic Play review we tried to share all the necessary information for you to make up your mind.

Establishing of Comic Play Casino legit is crucial for any online gambler. To determine its credibility, one should first verify its licensing and regulation, examine user reviews and ratings, and assess its overall security measures and responsible gaming practices. Reputable online casinos prioritize fairness, player safety, and secure transactions, making it important to ensure that Comic Play Casino legit adheres to these standards. If there are doubts or insufficient information available to confirm its legitimacy, it’s recommended to proceed with caution and consider well-established and positively reviewed online casinos for a safer and more reliable gaming experience.

Pros and Cons

Every casino has pros and cons. Today, we’re going to list the pros and cons of Comic Play Casino. Read each one carefully and thoroughly and conclude when you start playing at Comic Play Casino.


Among the positives are the following:

  • the casino is licensed;
  • available to most players in the world;
  • support service is ready to help you in solving a particular issue;
  • cryptocurrency is accepted.

It is worth noting that not every casino can afford to pay or withdraw using cryptocurrency, or as they say, bitcoin.


For any casino, the negative side already comes as a big minus, but there is a significant disadvantage – the average monthly Comic Play withdrawal. It would help if you understood that you could not withdraw more than $ 2,500, which is awful. After all, the number of your winnings may be more than the average monthly withdrawal, and you may not have enough, but do not forget to keep control of the game.

Registration Process

The registration process takes a small amount of time. We will provide such stages of registration at Comic Play casino:

  • enter your email and come up with a password;
  • write your last name and first name;
  • confirm your registration and wait for it to finish.

After passing the registration, you will be able to play new games, and more can give free spins for registration, as well as a bonus for registration, which will help you in the future and increase your winnings at times.

General Information: Legit or Scam?

Comic Play Casino is legal, and you can play without worrying about your money. Special software protects your data from fraudsters and is safe to play with. To ensure that the site is entirely legal, you can contact the support team, who can answer your question, and then you can play without any problems. You can always read Comic Play Сasino reviews to be sure you are choosing the right casino.

Determining is Comic Play Casino legit or any online gambling platform is crucial for the safety of players. To establish its credibility, one should begin by checking for a valid gambling license from a recognized authority, such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. Additionally, reading reviews from other players and assessing the casino’s overall reputation can provide valuable insights into its trustworthiness. It’s also essential to verify the website’s security measures, fair play policies, and responsible gaming practices. Is Comic Play Casino legit lacks transparency or shows signs of untrustworthiness, it’s advisable to explore more reputable and established online casinos for a safer gaming experience.

Supported Devices

Playing at the top Comic Play Сasino becomes an enjoyable game in a world where everyone has mobile devices and computers. Where you can play anywhere. Supported devices through which you can play online slots or online casinos:

  • Android;
  • Ios;
  • Windows.

You get a lot of advantages when you start playing through these devices. Playing through a cell phone is the most convenient because no one disturbs you, and you can play anywhere. Playing through a computer is for playing online casino games at home, and you can be disturbed by your loved ones. That’s why we recommend playing through your cell phone.

Benefits for VIP-players

When you buy VIP, more options at the online casino open up. Most of the premium Comic Play games become open to VIP players. You can also play other premium games available and get real money. You have to buy a pass, and you become a VIP player. There is also the opportunity to play in other rooms with other players who are also VIPs.

There are many advantages for the VIP players, such as the legal work, which does not require additional action, 24/7 support service, and quick response to your question. Even more, opportunities are open to you if you buy a VIP pass. Before purchasing this pass, please read carefully about what it gives you and its benefits.

Progressive Jackpots at ComicPlay Casino

It refers to a particular feature of the online slot. It can be activated randomly or during the game. The jackpot can be opened in one way. The progressive jackpot offers a unique gaming experience for newcomers just beginning to grips with the casino gaming field.

The amount of prize you can get when playing the Comic Play Casino online slot increases each time you spin the reel. The award goes to the luckiest player. Such slots, with progressive jackpots, attract many players who want to test their luck. Give it a try and use your chance to win Comic Play Сasino legit jackpot.

ComicPlay Casino BonusWhy Comic Play Casino is a good choice?

The answer is simple. Comic Play online casino rated more than four stars, and that’s a pretty good result. You need to play at Comic Play Casino and leave your review and put stars because, in this way, you raise the rating of the casino. Because of the excellent and exclusive bonuses, newcomers also choose this casino for the many games and the benefits of VIP status, which can be obtained for specific points. A casino member in the USA might receive a coupon or code after leaving a Comic Play Casino review.

License & Security

Any casino must keep its customers safe and not let them go to another. A license is the main thing a casino must have, and then you can start playing without worrying about security. The government of Curacao directs that every casino should have its license, which should be renewed every month. Without support, online casinos are unsafe, and any third party can steal your data and misappropriate it.

License Information

The license is a primary thing without which the casino can not exist. You need to update the right every month and check for its availability. The site where there is a casino must independently update the support and check it. It allows you to play without hindrance, and all countries with legalized casinos must check the site for availability. There is a special commission on licenses and checks on every casino site.

Countries not supported

Many countries have not yet legally allowed gambling or casinos, so when a player from another country wants to play in a casino, he faces many difficulties which are not so easy to solve. CIS countries do not support foreign casinos. Asian and South American countries have also banned these kinds of games. If you want to play, it is better to find out what casinos and gambling are available to you, and then you can start playing.

Terms and Conditions

All players must abide by the terms and conditions of privacy to be sure of the casino where he plays and, in part, to know that their data is protected by the government of Curacao, which issues licenses for the casino to be legalized. To avoid being expelled from a casino, it is necessary to adhere to the terms and conditions provided by the casino. Read carefully and do not miss any points not to get fined.

Restricted Countries

Comic Play Casino was developed in the U.S. It remained the only casino where it is banned in West Asia, Central Asia, South America, and some European countries, as well as the Netherlands Antilles. Policies of these countries prohibit casino gaming and all its kinds, and the U.S. does not deliver to these countries games from Comic Play Casino. You can read on the official website of the casino detailed information about which lands it is forbidden.


  • The casino operates internationally and is available to US and Australian players.
  • Convenient and affordable payment methods have been implemented, including cryptocurrency payments.
  • Various bonuses and promotions are constantly available, with which you can significantly increase your Comic Play Casino payout.
  • No commissions for cashing out winnings and for replenishment.
  • All Comic Play Casino games are available in the Practice mode, where you do not need to make a cash bet to enter.


  • No bonuses can be used in the live dealer game.
  • The casino cooperates with a small number of gaming software providers.

Bonuses and Promotions

4.5 / 5.0

Comic Play bonuses and promotions for registering or starting to play. Playing along with rewards is a pleasure because you can double the chance of getting a big win. You can see the promotions available in the “Promotions” section and choose profitable advertising for yourself.

Passing the registration the first is a welcome bonus. Then you will replenish the bonus account by inviting friends and relatives to the club. Telling them how brightly you spend your free time at the online casino will motivate them to play, and for their visit, you will receive new bonuses to the account, which can be spent on bets.

ComicPlay Casino reviewWelcome Bonuses

They are given to newcomers who have just started playing, and you can either win back or increase your winnings. Go to an online casino you have already chosen beforehand, register, and your account will come with a welcome bonus of free spins. It’s simple and easy to get your welcome bonus. We are pleased that you have joined us and that we care about you.

Bitcoin Bonus

You can get a bitcoin bonus when you first deposit with bitcoin. It ranges from 10-30% and can increase your winnings. It’s straightforward to get rewards via bitcoin, but check if a deposit via bitcoin is available because not all online casinos and online slots support this banking method.

Neosurf Bonus

Neosurf is a French card for depositing in casinos. It was designed specifically for making deposits, but unfortunately, not for withdrawals. You will immediately receive a 10-25% bonus when you deposit with this card. Use the bonus from Neosurf and get your long-awaited money.

Cashback Program

It encourages you to shop with a plastic card that you have available. It also works as a bonus in casino gaming and helps customers. Cashback brings a higher percentage of winnings and helps you get more significant ones. It also works as a way to pay out bonuses.

Other Bonuses

Many different bonuses work like the other bonuses listed above. You can get a no-deposit bonus for registration and participating in various quests and missions from online casinos. Try to get a lot of extra gifts by signing up for a promotional subscription system. This will allow you to be the first to know about new casino features and slots.

ComicPlay Casino High Roller VIP Club

The creators of Comic Play Casino have come up with the ComicPlay Casino High Roller VIP Club to attract more customers to their online casino and to give more offers, cashback percentages on every deposit, and special weekly offers, including more cashback. You will be given a great selection of premium games and more bonuses which will make you one of the Comic Play Casino winners.

Promotions and free spins

Free spins are needed to spin the reels and get more bonuses. They can be obtained by logging in daily to the Comic Play Casino app or the online platform where the casino is located. They range from 50 to 400 grand for various deposits and welcome bonuses.

Promotions are also essential to play at the casino. You can see them under “Promotions” in the upper left corner of the screen and see what promotions are available now and what they give. They can give you a discount on your first deposit, withdrawals with no fees, and a discount on the purchase of free spins, which are essential for future winnings.

Loyalty Program

A lot of Comic Play Casino reviews praised the loyalty program of the casino. It gives you a membership card, which helps with other play and transactions. The loyalty program encourages active players and gives them more opportunities. It opens when a player accumulates a certain number of points. The more points you collect during the game, the higher your level becomes, and you also increase the chance of getting various bonuses. This program is set individually for each player, and it is impossible to change it.

Gamification is also present – when you get more points for completing certain conditions or quests. Features and requirements of the loyalty program are listed on the official website of the online casino. Use your Comic Play Casino login and password to log in to your account.

It takes experience to win. The more often you win, the faster you can get rich. To do this, even during the free training, create a list of lucky slots that, more often than not, bring victory. To do this, just analyze each machine, and those that often lead to wins, enter the list. In them, you can play, making bets for real money. As a result, you will be able to approach financial freedom quickly. This means you can allow yourself previously inaccessible things due to a lack of finances.

ComicPlay Casino Games and Slots

3.8 / 5.0

Comic Play Casino Games

For every casino, the theme is essential, so players understand where they are now and the whole point of the game. Comic Play casino has a comic book-style theme, so it becomes more and more enjoyable to play and can be funny at times. Check out what games are available in the comic style, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised because there are quite a few, and you’ll have enough time to play all available.

Online Slots

To enjoy the whole field of casinos, you must play online slots, which are available in every casino regardless of what kind of slot it is. They allow you to play for real money or a welcome bonus right after you enter the slot’s site.

Table Games

They are also popular as online slots that you can play on availability. After the first deposit in the casino, most of the table games will open, which until then were not available. You have to figure out the table game system and devise a winning strategy, and your winnings are close.

Video Poker Games

Video poker games are not considered to be quite so popular, but to say that they are not a way to generate income is not worth it either. Now we will provide the top 3 video poker games that are worth playing:

  • Izzi;
  • coin saga;
  • tsars.

For beginners, they are also suitable. If you want to play for real money, then get your prizes. After all, the video poker experience is just as necessary as the entire Comic Play Casino slot. It will be pretty easy for you to start playing the other games that will be available later.

Specialty Games

There are unique games at the end of every casino. that will help you understand everything and be advanced in the casino industry. This is an excellent opportunity to take the initiative and learn everything about the casino. As an experienced player, you can also play particular games and get cash from the comfort of your own home.

This is also important and should not be forgotten. For us, every player is essential, and the bet they make. Playing this kind of game, you will learn how to determine the odds of winning and what chance should be made now so that the winnings become bigger before your eyes.

Live Dealer Casino Games

This is an excellent opportunity for you to make money playing casino games with live dealers. We present you the top 5 best live dealer casino games:

  • kingdom;
  • ozWin;
  • bitcoin;
  • Cleopatra;
  • rollers io.

You have an excellent opportunity to play around with these games and be better than others. Strategy is the key to your victory. Think it over carefully, and that’s it. Success is yours. Evaluate the casino games with live dealers; afterward, you will be a professional in this business.

Scratch cards

Players who have been playing at Comic Play Casino for a long time know about the different scratch cards and how they work, but newcomers do not, so we will provide a list of how to play them and win valuable prizes:

  • buy the ticket itself;
  • erase the security slot;
  • enjoy your winnings.

Before playing scratch cards, you need to read the terms and rules that the online slot provides. This is a mandatory point that must be fulfilled. Sign-up will allow you to use the online chat, get special codes and coupons, and eliminate limited promo events and tournaments.


One type of online slot game allows the player to understand the essence and choose what to play today. A card game similar to roulette and poker, where strategy is vital to your victory. And the most crucial goal – was to beat the dealer, who scored 21 points. It’s easy to do. You just need the motivation to play and a winning strategy.

Other Games

The rest of the games in the various online slots also go for money. By registering, you open access to most of the games and the big winnings of today. Your bet and betting odds determine the winnings you will eventually receive. Read the rules of the other games and play for fun.

Software Providers

Many companies that work with casinos are engaged in improving their software and making the game safe. Here are the top 5 quality software providers:

  • Novomatic Provider;
  • Playtech Provider;
  • BetConstruct Provider;
  • Playson Provider;
  • Amatic Industries.

If your casino has any of this software, you can confidently tell yourself that you’re protected. It’s a pleasure to work with casinos and online slots. Rest assured that your data won’t be lost or fall into the hands of third parties.

ComicPlay Casino gamesComic Play Casino Sister Sites

Below we will give you sites similar to Comic Play Casino in their actions and mechanics. They are also suitable for beginners and great for experienced casino gamblers. Play them, and you will become a professional and will be able to get your big winnings quickly and without hesitation. Play in any format convenient for you and get a big win.

Slots Empire

Considering all the slots listed below, this slot is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced players. You need to understand the whole point of these online slots and start making money entirely legally. Don’t forget to check the license, and you are protected.

Red Dog Casino

Depositing for the first time will give you an exclusive welcome bonus with free spins and brighten up the usual online slots you’ve played before. It is effortless to understand and will help you easily understand the mechanics of casual games.

Aussie Play

The Australian online slot, which is familiar to players from the United States, is an excellent choice for players. For newcomers, there is a generous welcome bonus and free spins that the slot gives out for registering. For your first deposit, other games are available for real money.

El Royale

Licensed online slots are based on keeping your customers’ data safe and being one of the most secure slots. Since you have started to delve into online slots, you must begin playing El Royale. Different first deposit bonuses await you.

Las Atlantis

The Atlantic-style online slot is one of the main advantages that can be proud of this slot. Various bonuses and promotions await you. Registering only takes you a couple of minutes, and that’s it. You’re a full-time Las Atlantis player. Every Monday, the casino gives away a nice bonus.

Red Stag

An excellent choice among newcomers who have just entered the field of casinos and have begun to understand its essence. New opportunities are opening up for you with Red Stag and a pretty good welcome bonus for registering at the online slot. Spin, bet, and your money are already in your hands.

Golden Lion Casino

I thank the slot developers for creating such a unique slot and allowing you to play in the demo version. Get bonuses, learn about promotions, spin, bet and start making money quickly. Register right now and become the best casino player right now.

Cherry Gold

The golden cherry theme in this slot is unique among other online places. You will become the best player in this slot if you register now and start getting money for free spins and welcome bonuses.

Jackpot Capital Casino

To be on par with everyone else, Jackpot Capital Casino gives away good and welcome bonuses for registration. A great choice among newcomers who want to learn how to play online slots and chop money from the first deposit made. Come to Jackpot Capital and get your first cash prize.

VIP Slots

Online slots become a point where you can make money without leaving home for any player just entering the gambling world. VIP Slots is one of the best online slots encountered in all time. Excellent first deposit bonuses and various promotions with bonuses. Everything is already waiting for you.

ComicPlay Mobile Casino

4.5 / 5.0

Comic Play Casino is trendy, so downloading it to your phone will immediately get a bonus. The advantage of the mobile application is that you can play anywhere and at any time of the day or night without worrying that you may be distracted from getting a nice and big winning. Comic Play Casino app download options can be found on their official website.

You can download the app, but you don’t have to. Just use the mobile version, which allows you to enjoy Comic Play gambling in your browser. The gaming casino is loyal to mobile users and offers the same functionality as a PC. Just log in to your account and start spinning the reels. Even the demo mode is available in full when playing from your smartphone. The odds and combinations also remain the same so you can play from your phone.

Banking Options

4.0 / 5.0

Banking Methods at Comic Play Casino

To deposit or withdraw funds, you need to have a card from any bank available to you, and you have a lot of money in your pocket. Make a note that Comic Play cash out time depends on the bank policies. The central role of your card is to get your winnings and make a deposit. You can also make a deposit using bitcoin, but it’s worth checking on the official website of the online casino if it’s even available for this kind of action.

ComicPlay Casino bonusesDeposits

Deposits are different for each player and quite lovely. You register and get a warranty and a bonus to your pledge. All you have to do is make your first deposit in the casino, and that’s it. You can play without any problems. You can still get free spins in depositions, which are very important for you and future big winnings. For every player, the warranty is fundamental because it gives various bonuses.


Players have the full right to withdraw the funds to their bank account after receiving their long-awaited prize. If you have a card from any bank available in your area, you can withdraw funds and receive your prize. You can withdraw funds via a terminal near you or a bank. Comic Play withdrawal time depends on the banking method of your choice, so keep it in mind.

Payment method Deposits Withdrawals
Visa yes yes
MasterCard yes yes
Paypal no no
Bitcoin yes yes
Neteller no no
Neosurf yes no
Skrill no no
AmEx yes yes
Bank Transfer no yes
Discover yes yes
PayID | BPay yes no


Security and Fair Play

4.6 / 5.0

Fair and safe play is not just a requirement of the law but an understandable expectation of every player. Immediately from the moment of registration, new participants need the reliability of data storage, the security of financial transactions, guarantees of payments, and 100% fair, not rigged, and not falsified games.

ComicPlay casino has its solution for each of these moments:

  • The RNG (Random Number Generator) guarantees the fairness of each game and the independence of results.
  • With 256-bit SSL encryption, the site achieves an adequate level of security in the storage and transmission of data.
  • The license of Curaçao, issued to the owner of the casino, gives reason to say that the site is legal, verified, and it guarantees stable payments of all funds earned on the platform.

So, the casino has solved all the issues related to safety and reliability, and you have every reason to trust this service.

Customer Support

4.0 / 5.0

The Comic Play customer service team will give their players reliable information about their casino and, if possible, can answer you are essential questions. Among all the questions you can ask are the terms and conditions of the casino, find out more about it, ask if you can play in the country where you are, and find out what bonus the casino can give when you make your first deposit. The choice is yours alone.

For the game not to get sucked into its grip, you need to be responsible about the casino and understand how much money you want to get and if you wish to take a break from all the fuss surrounding you.

Customer Service

+1 855 268 04 56, +61 180 092 12 26


ComicPlay Casino
Top Bonuses

Frequently Asked Questions about ComicPlay Casino Online

Before playing at other casinos, players read the questions and use them to learn something new, then choose. Today, we’ll examine some of the most frequently asked questions about Comic Play Casino and try to answer them.

Is ComicPlay currently offering any no-deposit bonus?

Yes. Offers and quite a nice no-deposit bonus. Which can be obtained for registration or downloading the casino to your mobile device.

Who owns ComicPlay?

The rights and authority are held by Beforelitity Solutions NV and are fully licensed and regulated by the government of Curacao. You can read about Curaçao on the Internet and learn more about it.

What are ComicPlay sister sites?

Many different sites are similar in games or graphics to Comic Play Casino. We will list them: El Royle, Las Atlantis, Red Dog Casino, and Red Stag. They are similar to his beloved casino but differ only in theme.

How do I sign up at ComicPlay Casino?

Registration at Comic Play Casino is rapid and easy, taking a couple of minutes of your time. You need to do the above steps, and that’s all. You’re ready to play and get the long-awaited prizes.

Is ComicPlay Casino legal in the USA?

Legal. Most states in the U.S. have already legalized casinos, and players have every right to come and play various machines, table games, or gambling games. There is no need to worry about breaking the law.

Is ComicPlay Casino legit and safe?

What about legit, surprisingly, there is no federal law against playing at Comic Play Casino, so you can play completely safe and not worry about anything.

How can I make a withdrawal at ComicPlay Casino?

Through any payment system that is available in your region. You can safely withdraw money through the payment system Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, or via bitcoin.

Can I register multiple accounts at ComicPlay Casino?

Yes, you can because the more accounts you have, the more chance you have of getting money. It’s nice to get large bills out of several versions and not worry about not having enough of the money you got in advance.

Does ComicPlay Casino have a mobile app?

Any casino must have a mobile app, and you can also get any kind of bonus for it, which will become available to you after you register in the mobile app.

Who licenses ComicPlay Casino? Is it safe?

The casino is licensed by the government of Curacao and has Secure Socket Layer encryption, which gives reliable and secure protection for you and your data.

What currencies does ComicPlay Casino support?

Comic Play Casino only supports U.S. dollars, Australian dollars, and euros, but this is rare. You can withdraw money through any payment system that will be available to you.

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