When playing online casinos, all players may have questions from time to time. We have collected the most common questions with answers on this page. All questions are grouped by topic. If you can’t find an answer, please contact our support team. Our FAQ will help you immediately start playing and earn large sums to your account.


Before you start playing at an online casino, it is vital to learn how the service works, where to go in case of problems, and other general questions about the casino.


What can you do if you have a problem with an online casino?

In case you have problems with registration, playing, or using bonuses or payouts, first check whether your question is not answered in this list. To get personal help from the support service, use a convenient way for you: a phone call or chat.

Where are online casinos located?

Every online casino has a website. The casino uses special secure servers, where all the information about the resource, the games, as well as the personal data of the players are located.

Why does the house always win?

This is because the casino always has a better chance of winning than the player. This advantage allows the casino to make a profit. This casino advantage differs from game to game.

Do online casinos have any way to tell if you’re cheating?

Online casinos use unique technologies to track suspicious fraudulent actions of players.

Which online casino has the most players?

Players are often guided by the reviews of other casino users and their experiences. Most players in reliable casinos provide quality service and fair play.

What are the tricks employed by online casinos to attract and retain gamblers?

To attract new players, the casino has different bonuses. The casino may offer cashback to retain players who have had a negative experience due to unsuccessful bets.

Do online casinos cheat?

Casinos operate under a license guaranteeing fair play and timely payments to players.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online casinos?

You can play at the online casino from any device from the comfort of your home. All games are available at any time.

What should new online casino players know?

Before you start playing, study the rules carefully. For all casino games, as well as for bonuses, specific rules must be followed.

What online casinos are rogue/blacklisted?

Casinos that do not comply with the conditions of fair play, have not been audited, and operate without a license are fraudulent.

How do you access an online casino that’s blocked in your country?

You can use a mirror to access a casino blocked in your country. This is a modified casino address, allowing you to bypass the blocking.

Where is a good place for beginners to start?

Choose reliable casinos that offer the opportunity to play for free. The casino interface should be simple and intuitive.

How much money do I need to gamble online?

Some casinos provide the opportunity to start the game without a deposit. The casino may have a limit on the minimum deposit. As a rule, from $10.

Can I use more than one gambling site?

Each casino allows you to register one account. You can use different sites to play.

What is the Gambler’s Fallacy?

It is an overestimate of the probability of a positive outcome after several unfavorable events in the game.

Can I chat with other players?

Yes, if you play a game that allows it. For example, all live dealer games allow you to communicate with croupiers and players.

What is a “rogue” casino?

This casino uses deceptive schemes for the game, eliminating the likelihood of an honest win for the player.

What is self-exclusion?

Restriction of work or complete closure of the player’s gambling account at his request or the request of his relatives. This is one of the extreme measures to combat gambling addiction.

Will the casino report my winnings to the IRS?

The casino does not keep records of players’ winnings and does not send this information to the tax authorities.

If I have won a large amount of money, should I cash it out all at once?

Each player makes their own decision on withdrawing money from the account. The casino may limit the maximum amount of money withdrawn from the account.

Can I make money from playing at online casinos?

It is a mistake to perceive online casinos as a source of income. The casino was created solely to play, in which you can get cash winnings.

What happens if I lose my username and/or password?

The casino can restore the username and change the password. To do this, always add a way to restore the password during account registration.

Can I get addicted to online gambling?

The main danger of gambling is the risk of developing a gambling addiction. In online casinos, this risk is increased because the player has unlimited access to the game at any time.

Are there any legit online casinos?

Yes. There are states where online casinos are legal and regulated by law.

Where can I find the payout percentages for a casino?

Each casino always provides an RTP figure on its website. This is one of the conditions that casinos need to meet to keep their license.

How old do I have to be to play at an online casino?

As a rule, most states in the U.S. have an age limit for casino players of 21 years old. If you are playing from another country, the age limit can be 18.

How do I contact the casino if I have a question or problem?

There are several ways to contact the technical support of the casino. The most convenient option is a phone call or live chat.

Can I play without using real money?

Yes. The casino has the opportunity to play using bonuses. There is no chance of getting big winnings in this case.  They are looking for offshore platforms to start spinning the reels on slot machines. At the moment, there are no strict penalties for violating this law.



Quality software is the main prerequisite for an exciting online casino game. The following are popular questions about software and its use in casinos.

What is a casino skin?

Special virtual money – skins – can be used to play in the casino. They can be used for betting without the risk of losing real money.

What online casinos use RealTime Gaming software?

The best online casinos use RTG software. The games from this service provider are characterized by modern, exciting designs and excellent technical parameters for playback on different devices.

What online casinos use IGT software?

The best casinos cooperate with IGT, allowing players to play slots on mobile devices.

What online casinos can I play on my iPad?

Most online casinos provide the ability to install software to play on any device, including the iPad.

What is better – the Flash version or the download version of a casino?

A downloadable version of the casino is more convenient because the game interface is optimized for display on different screens.

Do I need a PC with Windows to gamble online?

You can play gambling on any device. You don’t have to have a PC to play.

What do I need to play an online casino game?

To play, you need to register a player account.

What online casinos use Microgaming software?

Microgaming software is used by casinos where you can play blackjack, baccarat, and various slots with progressive jackpots.

Do I have to download the casino software?

Most casinos provide the ability to install software to play on any device.

Do any casinos have a download for Macs?

Most casinos provide software for users of devices with different operating systems, including Macs.


During the game, questions may arise related to the peculiarities of the gameplay, specific terms, and restrictions for players.


Why is there a table limit?

In different games, there are restrictions on the minimum bet. The casino can thus manage the clientele and choose the right players for a particular type of game.

While playing online, is there a time limit for each hand?

In different games, there are restrictions on the minimum bet. The casino can thus manage the clientele and choose the right players for a particular type of game.

How do I win a progressive jackpot?

To win the progressive jackpot, you must play slots supporting such winning. Usually, it can be several slots from the same provider.

What is the most profitable casino game to play?

Each game in the casino has a certain percentage of returns. The higher this figure, the more likely you are to win. The most profitable is blackjack, with an RTP of 98-99%.

How do online casinos catch card counters?

Special software is used to track any casino players’ fraudulent actions. The system tracks any suspicious actions of the player.

Do casino betting systems work?

There are many strategies for betting to increase the probability of winning. It isn’t easy to gauge the effectiveness of this approach.

Can I cheat?

Anyone can cheat, but it is essential to be aware of the responsibility for cheating. Casinos carefully monitor any attempts at fraud to ensure that all players play pretty.

Can I play casino games on my mobile?

You can play at the online casino on any device, regardless of the operating system.

Are there any limits?

Different casinos may restrict minimum deposit, minimum bet, or withdrawal. Each casino can only register one account.

Who licenses and regulates casino games?

A unique licensing body licenses casinos. The local legislative bodies regulate casinos.

Are casino games fixed or completely random?

Casino games are played using a random number generator. This is a guarantee of fair play.

What are live dealer games?

This is a game with a live dealer in real time. You can communicate with the dealer and other players in the chat room during the game. Such an online game is as similar as possible to a visit to a land-based casino.

What is the variance in online casino games?

Different slot machines have different levels of dispersion. To get a chance to win a big jackpot, you should play machines with high variance. To win often small sums, machines with low dispersion will do.

Which games have the best odds?

The higher the RTP, the higher the chances of winning the game.

Is it possible to count cards playing online?

Card counting is a type of cheating during the game. Casinos track players who count cards.

What online casinos have progressive jackpot Caribbean stud?

The Caribbean stud game allows you to play with a progressive jackpot. The rules are the same in all casinos that have this game. A straight flush or a royal flush will help you get the jackpot.

What types of games can you play in an online casino?

The online casino offers games popular in land-based casinos: card games, slots, table games, and lotteries.

What are progressive jackpots?

The progressive jackpot is a prize amount that increases with each new player bet. The progressive jackpot increases until one of the players wins it.


Banking: Deposit and Withdrawal

Banking issues are critical in casinos. Making a deposit and withdrawing funds can cause difficulties for new players.

Are there limits on how much I can withdraw, even if I have won a big jackpot?

Different casinos reserve the right to regulate the maximum amount available to withdraw winnings. This can be a limit on withdrawal for a week or a month.

Will casinos charge fees for withdrawing the jackpot?

Each casino has set rules for charging commissions. This information is freely available to players. Always find out about the availability of commissions before you start playing.

Can you use Bitcoins at online casinos?

Many casinos allow players to deposit via bitcoins.

Can I play in USD/AUD/CAD/etc.?

In the account settings, it is possible to choose the currency in which the game will be played. The choice of available currencies varies from casino to casino.

Why do I have to verify my identity?

To guarantee the security of payments, you need to prove your identity. This allows you to protect the money in your account from theft by third parties.

How do I make a deposit to an internet casino?

Several payment options are usually available to deposit at online casinos. Casinos usually accept bank cards, cryptocurrency, and e-wallets.

Can I track my previous deposits and withdrawals?

In your account, you can access the history of deposits and withdrawals.

How quickly can I cash out my winnings?

The speed of withdrawal depends on the selected payment system. Usually, it takes about three days to verify the payment. This is necessary to ensure payment security.

Are there withdrawal limits?

Some casinos set a limit on the amount of withdrawal.

Why was my credit card rejected at an online casino?

Online casinos are usually loyal to the use of credit cards. If the card was rejected, you need to contact your bank and find out if there are any problems with the card.

Is there a minimum deposit for online casinos?

The minimum deposit is usually from $5-10. In some casinos, the minimum deposit may be higher.

Is it safe to use my credit card at online casinos?

Using bank cards at online casinos is safe. All personal information about bank transactions is securely encrypted and protected against theft.

Can I deposit without a credit card?

Yes. You can use different means of payment to make a deposit. Their list in different casinos may vary. As a rule, cryptocurrency and e-wallets are available for payments in addition to credit cards.

Can casinos delay my payments even if I have done nothing wrong?

The time it takes to make payments depends on the length of the check. If the casino needs to conduct a more thorough payment check, you should not worry prematurely.

What deposit methods are available?

In each casino, there can be several ways to make a deposit. Usually, they are debit and credit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, or e-wallets.

What withdrawal methods are available?

The list of withdrawal methods may vary from casino to casino. Such methods are usually several: cards, bank transfers, and electronic wallets. In some casinos, it is recommended to use the same withdrawal method used to deposit money.


New promotions are constantly appearing in the casino. We offer a list of frequently asked questions to understand all the nuances of new casino promotions.


What types of casino bonuses are there?

The casino has welcome bonuses with free spins. There are bonuses on the first and subsequent multiple deposits. Some bonuses are opened during the game. Top-rated bonuses with promo codes posted on affiliate resources.

What is a casino comp?

As bonuses, the casino provides free spins or percentage accrual on the amount deposited.

Why do casinos offer a no-deposit bonus?

No deposit bonuses are used to increase the interest of new players. Such welcome bonuses are awarded for registering an account at the casino.

How do I earn casino points?

Different games have set wagering amounts for casino wagering points. Betting amounts can range from $10 to $100 or more. Each casino has different rules for different games.

How do casinos profit from no-deposit bonuses?

The primary condition for using no-deposit bonuses is to follow the wagering rules. To get the winnings, the player needs to wager it first. To do this, making a deposit and real bets is necessary.

Can I just withdraw the bonus straight away?

The player has credited money to a virtual game account as a bonus. It is impossible to withdraw this money. They must first be wagered.

Can I open more than one account and claim a bonus multiple times?

Only one game account with one account is available for one player.

How can I avoid abusing reload bonuses?

To prevent the abuse of bonuses, the casino establishes specific wagering rules. Using bonuses is not always very profitable to the player, depending on the game.

What does it mean when a promotion comes with a 40x wagering requirement?

40-fold wagering means that to withdraw the winnings obtained by using the bonus, you must first wager the bonus 40 times with the bet on which the bonus was credited.

Some casinos do not allow you to meet wager requirements by playing games like craps or roulette. How come?

Each casino sets wagering requirements for different games. The conditions of the game are detailed and available to the player.

How can I be informed of new bonus offers?

The casino uses email newsletters to get information about bonuses and quick notifications on your cell phone.

Can the terms and conditions of promotions be tricky?

Each promotional offer has specific conditions. All of these conditions are stated in the description of the promotion.

What can I use VIP/casino points for?

Points can be exchanged for money or other additional privileges in the casino to increase the player’s status.

What is a non-cashable bonus?

This is one kind of welcome bonus. To get a no-deposit bonus, it is not necessary to make a deposit. It is usually free spins.

How do I claim a sign-up bonus?

Registration bonus is automatically credited immediately after creating a player’s account. You can create an account on the online casino site directly from the site’s main page. You must click on the appropriate tab and fill in the personal data to do this. The procedure is completed after reading the rules of the office. Subsequently, the player will only have to confirm the personal data through their verification.

What are casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are a system of incentives for players as bonuses are accrued interest on the deposit or provided free spins. Thanks to such cool gifts you can get even more money. This is a chance for every beginner to try their hand at spinning slots and get a good prize. Just try it, and you will be satisfied.

What is a welcome bonus?

For the player to be able to start playing in the casino immediately, there are welcome bonuses. Each casino has a special offer. Some users find this bonus to be the best. This is an excellent opportunity to make money without any investment at all or with a minimum deposit. Try to use this opportunity to get a gift to your account.

When can I withdraw my bonus money?

To withdraw the bonus money, you must meet the conditions of wagering established by the casino. Standard withdrawal of funds takes from one to 5 working days. It all depends on the specific amount and the chosen method of withdrawal from the account. Try to learn more about the conditions and correctly dispose of resources. This way, it will be much easier to get the reward.



Issues related to data privacy, fair play, and security in the casino. All casinos are encrypted regularly so users can pass their data to the administration. Even personal documents can be provided to pass verification and get a reward to your account without any problems. Thanks to this, you can deposit without fear.

Is my personal information and credit card number secure?

All players’ personal information is securely encrypted. Data on payments and bank transactions are not available to third parties. Your information is also protected at all times. Online casino security makes sure that every player is protected. This will allow you to play better and create combinations on the site without fear.

Are online casinos safe?

Licensed online casinos are safe because they use reliable software from the best providers. All players’ information is not shared with third parties.

Are online casino games rigged?

Using a random number generator in the casino allows you to guarantee fair play.


Compliance with the law is the cardinal rule of casino gaming. Check out the most popular questions to eliminate the risks associated with illegal gambling.


How do I know if online gambling is allowed where I live?

If gambling is banned where you live, the online casino site will be blocked by your ISP.

Are online casinos unethical or immoral?

This is a subjective statement. It cannot be immoral if the game does not harm the player and his loved ones.

Are US players legally able to play online?

Each state has specific laws governing online casinos.

Should online casinos be legalized?

In many states, the issue of legalizing online casinos is open and controversial.

Are online casinos legal?

In many countries, online casinos are not illegal. They are regulated by law. Before you start playing, study the law and the rules of the game in the place where you are.

signing up

Signing Up

Popular questions arise during the registration of a new casino account.

What personal information should I not give?

To create a new casino account, specify your name, age, country of residence, email, and phone number. It is also necessary to specify the data for making payments.

I want to play at the casino for free but need to give them my information first. Will they use my info to advertise to me?

Personal data is necessary to confirm the player’s identity. Email and phone numbers are also needed to restore the password, make payments and confirm other actions.

How do I register at an online casino?

To register at the online casino, there is a form. Your data must be entered in particular fields and agree with the user’s terms and conditions.

Do I need to give the casino my real name, address, phone number, and date of birth?

Yes. You need this information to make secure payments.

Best Real Money Online Casinos

To start playing now, we offer the most popular casinos with a vast selection of hit games for all tastes.

Slots Empire

Stylish casino with an original design. There is a large selection of games from the leading supplier: card games, poker, blackjack, slots, and video poker. There is an opportunity to play with a live dealer. The minimum deposit is $10. The deposit bonus is 230%. Payouts are made in 3 days.

Red Dog Casino

The casino provides games from RealTime Gaming. There is a wide variety of slots and table games to choose from. Support is available 24/7. Large selection of reliable payment systems. There is a welcome bonus. The casino is available on any device.

Aussie Play

The casino allows you to play roulette, popular slots, keno, craps, and blackjack. You can use bank cards or bitcoins to make a deposit. The casino has a large selection of bonuses available to play slots. Withdrawals are fast with no fees.

El Royale

A casino with a stylish design. There is a wide variety of slots, video poker, blackjack, craps, keno, and roulette. You can also play baccarat. Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, and Neosurf are available for deposits.

Las Atlantis

The casino has a large selection of games with excellent bonuses. You can use bitcoins to make a deposit. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $150. There are attractive welcome bonuses.

ComicPlay Casino

The original casino was designed in the style of comic books. All games have a bright design. Bonuses and promotional offers. For withdrawal and deposit, there are several ways available.

Golden Lion Casino

The popular casino provides games from suppliers Betsoft and Rival. There is an option to play instant play, install on your PC or play on your mobile device. There is a withdrawal limit of $2000 per week. There is a wide choice of payment systems.

Cherry Gold

The casino can be played on any device. There is the possibility of instant play. Provider of games RealTime Gaming. There is a limit on the withdrawal of funds per week up to $5000. Funds are withdrawn to electronic purses in 48 hours.

Roaring 21

Large selection of games with cool designs and lucrative bonuses. There is a 400% bonus and 100 free spins on the first deposit. You can play craps, baccarat, keno, card games, and roulette. For payments, you can use e-wallets, bitcoins, and bank cards.

VIP Slots

The best casino with a vast selection of slots. For payments, you can use debit and credit cards, cryptocurrency, and e-wallets. Withdrawal of funds as fast as possible. For active players, there are lucrative bonuses.