Washington is currently one of the states in America where gambling and online casinos are legalized. The law on the legalization of gambling in Washington State was adopted in 1995. With the advent of legal online casinos, this industry in Washington state began to develop more and more rapidly, and more people entered it every year.

How to Play at a Real Money Online Casino in Washington

To play at online casinos in Washington State, you must register on your chosen online casino’s official website, confirm your account, and log in to your newly created account. Afterward, top up your balance, choose the game you like, and start having fun. But remember that you should register and enter your data only on official and legal sites.

Click “Join Now”

Initially, you will need to find the official website of your chosen online casino and click on the highlighted join button. After that, you will be taken to the following account registration screen.

Enter Your Personal Details

When you get to the registration window at the online casino, you just need to enter your phone number or email in the first and second fields to enter a secure and unique password that you have thought up. After these actions, you must confirm your account via email and log in.

Make an Initial Deposit and Claim a Bonus

Online casinos have bonus systems, so try to top up your balance so that you can get them. There are several ways to deposit at each online casino. After completing a deposit, you will receive a deposit bonus if the online casino has provided one.

Choose a Game

You can see and choose from more than a thousand online gambling games and their genres. Everyone will be able to find something to their liking. For a more convenient search, games at online casinos are divided by genre or highlighted as the most profitable and popular. Other players determine the rating of online gambling, so you can always see her honest rating.

Start Playing

Once you have chosen a game, you have to click on its icon, and you will be redirected to the site with it. All games at the online casino are made in beautiful, pleasing-to-the-eye colors and designs. A simple and intuitive interface lets you quickly understand them and start playing.

The Best Online Casinos in Washington State Reviewed

Washington state has a lot of online casinos with high ratings and payouts, as it is the most gambling state in America. The massive list of good online casinos makes it hard to choose the best one. But we have compiled a list of Washington state’s most popular online casinos.

Slots Empire

This online casino belongs to the medium casinos, which have a collective income. It has immense popularity among players in the United States and Central Europe. It differs from the less popular ones by a whole list of pluses, namely:

  • has its unique website;
  • simple and pleasant design;
  • a wide selection of games and their genres;
  • multilingual player support 24/7.

This online casino has many additional advantages, but we have highlighted the main ones. The affiliates have nothing to do with the casino. By hitting the exact target, you will significantly increase your winnings. Otherwise, you will lose everything. To withdraw the rewards, you can use a variety of secure methods of payment. You can quickly transfer the entire amount to an e-wallet or withdraw to the bank card.

So it is worth considering whether to accept or continue the offer by refusing to participate in the risk game. Of course, there will not be such a dilemma for the gamblers and the brave. They will certainly take the risk so that there is an opportunity to significantly increase the winning account, as a result of winning by getting even more rewards. And it will be expressed in currency.

Washington State Online Casinos – Best Real Money Gambling Sites & Apps 1

Red Dog Casino

This casino is one of the big online casinos in Washington state. It can delight players with various games and genres and 24-hour technical support. It has a high average rating and operates in almost all world countries. You should choose to run the drums button auto for those who want to relax and watch what is happening on a video slot screen. In this case, in automatic mode, the reels will rotate until the prize combination appears on a video slot screen. And when the winnings increase or the game adds new free spins, the reels will continue their rotation.

Aussie Play

This online casino belongs to the group of medium-sized casinos that have high collective profits. One of the first established online casinos in Washington state. It is trendy among fans of online card gambling. For safer gaming, it uses its proxy server. To make a deposit, you can choose a suitable payment method. The variety of possible methods is impressive and makes it possible to choose the most convenient and safe option. This can be a bank card or bank account, as well as other methods. Withdrawal of funds will also be safe and fast.

El Royale

El Royale online casino is top-rated among Washington State players because it has a very lucrative system of bonuses and promotions. Provides players with a choice of more than a thousand different gambling games. It has many types of online slots and high payout odds. And before you take part in them, everyone should familiarize themselves in detail with the proposals, conditions and rules, and peculiarities. Thus, you’ll be able to participate in a good, interesting for your promotion.

Las Atlantis

Las Atlantis refers to a group of small casinos with a collective profit. It has earned players’ trust with many safe and fast ways to deposit and withdraw money. Registering to start playing at this casino and get their bonuses is enough.


This is one of the big online casinos in Washington state. It cooperates with many different providers, so it has a wide range of online gambling and quality maintenance of its servers. This online casino is relatively young but has already earned popularity and respect among players in many countries.

Golden Lion Casino

Golden Lion Casino is a small online casino. It cooperates with two popular providers. It has lucrative bonuses and payment methods, but the withdrawal takes a long time. Free spins increase the likelihood of prize combinations appearing on the video slot screen, which means that the winning score will also increase. Prize chains can increase winnings or add free spins to the game.

Cherry Gold

Quite a popular young medium-sized online casino. It started in mid-2022 and is still actively gaining players and popularity. It can stand out for its high payout odds and several ways to provide technical support to players. It is essential to understand that club games are entertainment, and moderation should be observed here. To distract yourself when things are bad, it is better to walk around town or go on a trip to forget about your worries and problems for a while. Playing online casinos must be done with a calm mind, skillfully controlling their emotions.

Roaring 21

Roaring 21 is a young online casino that quickly earned its respect among players from different countries with high payouts. It has the function of converting money into cryptocurrency and vice versa. Thanks to the cooperation with the providers of different countries, it provides players with services in different languages, which is very useful.

VIP Slots

This is one of the oldest online casinos, with many players worldwide. Beneficial bonus systems, a wide range of games, and their genres. Jackpot games and much more can be found in VIP slots. This online casino is available in all countries where online gambling is legalized.

Washington State Online Casinos – Best Real Money Gambling Sites & Apps 2

Popular Online Casino Games to Play in Washington

There are a lot of different online gambling games in Washington State. We have selected for you the most popular of them:

  • online slots;
  • online poker;
  • online bingo;
  • online roulette and online table games.

The most popular online casino gambling games in Washington state are online card gambling games. After all, the poker industry in this state began to develop a long time ago.

Online Slots

Every online casino has such gambling games as online slots. This type of gambling is the most popular all over the world, and its essence is that on the playing field, you have to fall at least three identical symbols to win. The higher the bet, the bigger the winnings. The more identical symbols, the higher the odds.

Table Roulette

In Washington, roulette is a viral game of chance. The essence of the game is to bet on specific numbers and colors. This game requires a croupier (dealer). After the bets on the field, unwind the ball, which will fall on a cell with specific numbers. This game, over time, began to appear in land-based casinos.

Table Blackjack

Both online and land-based casinos have a trendy category of card gambling games. One of these is table blackjack. The essence of the game is to collect the sum of the numbers on the cards, not more than 21 but more than other participants, to win. In a classic blackjack game, the maximum number of players is no more than 6.

Table Baccarat

Table baccarat is another popular card game of chance. Players can play in the online casino for real money. This game is popular in the United States and Washington state.

Table Poker

Table poker is one of the most popular card games of chance. The game can involve up to 8 players. This game began to appear in Washington state in 1890. After that, it began to develop and gain popularity among players around the world rapidly. This type of card gambling is entirely legal in Washington state. There are more than three thousand places to play poker in this state.

Video poker

One type of poker game is video poker. This mode can be played at any available online casino at eighteen. The online poker mode is available to play with other players in real-time. Video poker with a real dealer is also top-rated, which gives the game a unique atmosphere and interest. Online card gambling is gaining more and more popularity from year to year.

Table Craps

Table dice can often be seen in all land-based and online casinos in Washington State. The essence of the game is to mix the dice in a special box and throw them on the table. Each player does this in turn. The winner is the one who threw the most significant number of dice or guessed the number that would fall out. This game can also be played for real money and enjoys great popularity.

Online Keno

Online keno is one of the types of online lotteries that is very popular among fans of this sphere. The essence of the game is that the player chooses a few numbers from all given to him and writes in a unique field. The more the player guesses the numbers, the greater his winnings will be. An important detail is that the numbers still need to guess in the correct sequence because if the player can not do it but guesses the numbers themselves, the winnings will be much smaller.

Online Bingo

This type of lottery was first noticed in the United States. Its essence is the complete closure of all the numbers on the card, which is given to everyone at the beginning of the game. Now bingo is also available online at any website available for this purpose. Numbers close fall out randomly, and each player is different, making the game even more enjoyable.

Online bingo comes in two varieties, 75-ball and 90-ball. If no one has completely closed all the numbers on the card at the end of the balls, then the player with the most closed numbers wins.

Other Table Games

There are many other board games in Washington state. They are not as popular as the above, but many players from different countries still play them. Such games are:

  • Various card games;
  • Monopoly for real money;
  • Table roulette;
  • American roulette.

The number of board games in Washington State and worldwide is enormous. New types have been appearing almost weekly. But we’ve highlighted for you the most popular ones.

Live Casinos in Washington

In Washington State, there are a massive number of live land-based casinos. After all, this state is the most gambling state in America. There are 109 land-based casinos in Washington, 9 of which operate in the form of hotels. These institutions are located in 87 cities in Washington state. Also, not including large casinos in the state, there are about 1,400 premises with slot machines. All of the above casinos are entirely legal in Washington State.

Taxes Imposed on Online Casino Winnings in Washington

In Washington State, there are virtually no taxes on winnings. Only jackpot winnings are taxed at 5 percent of the total amount. But for casino/online casino owners, taxes range from 5 to 15 percent of total monthly profits. Tax evasion is punishable by law by both players and owners.

Washington State Online Casinos – Best Real Money Gambling Sites & Apps 3

Washington Gambling Laws

Every state has different gambling laws. And Washington State is no exception. This state’s government has created laws that every casino/online casino owner and player must abide by. In 2019, these laws were updated to read as follows:

  • Each casino/online casino owner must pay a tax of five to fifteen percent of monthly profits;
  • The owners are prohibited from allowing persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as those who are under the age of 21, to play;
  • Each land-based and online casino must have a valid license open to the players.

Washington State has many other gambling laws, but we have highlighted those considered the most important. For non-compliance, owners and players can be in trouble with the law or imprisoned for up to two years.

Are Online Casinos Legal in Washington?

In Washington State, online casinos are entirely legal. This law was passed in 2019. But it applies only to those online casinos that pay taxes and have licenses. To establish a new online casino, its owner must obtain a license after fulfilling several conditions and pay a fee of 25 to 50 thousand U.S. dollars.

Does Washington Allow Sports Betting?

Sports betting in Washington state was fully legalized along with online casinos in 2019. They existed before that, but after legalization, they were officially introduced. Now sports betting can be done not only in betting applications but also at online casinos, which have received a separate license.

Is Online Poker Available in Washington State?

Online poker is fully available in Washington State at any legal online casino. It was famous even before legalization, but after legalization, the number of online poker games peaked in activity and betting. Over time, the popularity of online poker has not diminished but continues to grow.

Is Online Bingo Legal in Washington?

Online bingo is perfectly legal in Washington State, just like other online lotteries. This allows a massive number of players to try their luck. You can now find online bingo on any official lottery site and in some online casinos.

Does Washington Have a State Lottery?

There are several dozen types of state lotteries in Washington State. They can be purchased both at unique venues and online lottery stores. Currently, the Washington state lottery jackpot consists of $76 million.

Does Washington Allow Charitable Gambling?

Charitable gambling in Washington State is permitted and conducted quite frequently. Funds raised at these events are distributed to several areas, one of which is the fight against serious diseases.

Washington State Online Casinos – Best Real Money Gambling Sites & Apps 4

Payment Methods Available at Washington Casino Sites

Many payment methods are present at online casinos in Washington State. The main ones are:

  • payment by card;
  • payment in cryptocurrency;
  • transfers via a particular terminal;
  • payment by bank programs (PayPal and others).

You should be aware that different online casinos may have other methods of payment, and some may not have the above payment methods.

Crypto at Casinos

Most online casinos in Washington state have a payment function for their services in cryptocurrency. Mostly only bitcoins are accepted, but there are others. For this purpose, special software was developed that converts cryptocurrency into money and vice versa.

eWallets at Casinos

Electronic wallets have a vital role in online casinos. After all, with their help on your balance in your chosen online casino, money is stored in maximum safety.

Traditional Payment Methods

There are a massive number of payment methods. But the leading and most popular are the traditional methods, the ones that everyone is used to and trusts. One of these is to pay by bank card or cash. Incredibly, these methods are often used by the older generation while the younger generation is moving on to new ways.

Bonuses Offered at Washington State Online Casinos

Most online casinos in Washington state have bonus systems that benefit players. There are several types of them:

  • no deposit bonus;
  • welcome bonus;
  • deposit bonus;
  • risk-free days.

Other valuable features at online casinos in Washington State relate more to the rewards you can get in the bonuses you name.

Washington State Online Casinos – Best Real Money Gambling Sites & Apps 5

Matched Deposits

Deposits at online casinos play a significant role in depositing and withdrawing money at online casinos. For example, every online casino has fixed deposits per bet, or they may denote the minimum amount to deposit into a personal wallet.

Free Spins

Free spins can be obtained in any kind of bonus or purchased for activity points in loyalty systems. This is an excellent addition to the player because, with their help, he can enjoy the game without spending money on his balance. Free spins give the player an advantage in the game.

No Deposit Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are beneficial for players at any online casino. They allow users to play online gambling games without making a deposit. In other words, you will be able to play at the expense of the online casino of your choice.

Washington State Online Casinos – Best Real Money Gambling Sites & Apps 6

What Makes These the Best Washington Online Casinos?

The best online casinos in Washington State are their lucrative bonus systems and partnerships with different providers. This way, every player can find something for themselves. Also, all official casinos in Washington state are safe for players.

Games Washingtonians Love to Play

The most popular type of online gambling in Washington state is card gambling. The most in-demand at online casinos are such games:

  • online poker;
  • online baccarat;
  • online blackjack.

In addition to card games of chance, online slots and various lotteries are also popular in Washington State. Every player in Washington State will be able to find a game for themselves.

The Best Online Gambling Experience Possible

The best online gambling experience is managing your money well when playing. This will allow the player to win back a large number of losses. A helpful tip for newcomers to online casinos is to bet small amounts to not lose everything at once. Also, when choosing an online casino, experienced players pay attention to its rating, payouts, and bonus system to get the most benefit in the game.

Safety, Security, and Trust

The main factor in the safety of online casinos in Washington state is their legality. Official online casinos always have their license. It is available to absolutely all players for viewing. Also, the reliability of the online casino chosen by the player can be determined through the reviews of other users.

Casino Apps Offered to Washington Residents

Some online casinos in Washington state have applications for more accessible and more convenient gaming. They can only be downloaded and installed from the official sites of the online casinos chosen by the players. On sites such as PlayMarket or AppStore, they do not exist. The application on the player’s smartphone will allow him to play online casinos anywhere.

History of Gambling in Washington

The first slot machines in Washington State appeared in 2004. At that time, the sphere of card gambling was already actively developing. After the legalization of online casinos, gambling became even more popular in the state. This gambling industry is still thriving and gaining more players over time.

Washington State Online Casinos – Best Real Money Gambling Sites & Apps 7

Important Things to Look for in Washington Online Casinos

The main factors of good online casinos in Washington state are their ratings, reviews, odds, and security. The player can see all these essential details even before registering simply by looking at the reviews of others about the online casino they have chosen.

Secure and Simple Payment System

All online casinos have several payment methods. All of them are entirely safe if you make payments only to official and legal casinos. And the finances on your account will be taken care of by special software.

Direct Customer Support Options

There are several ways to support customers at online casinos in Washington State. The most popular is online chat, which operates around the clock. In addition to this method, you can directly contact technical support via email or phone.

Many Different Online Casino Gambling Options

Each genre of gambling games at online casinos in Washington State has different variations and skins. This is done for the greater comfort of the players because the design and interface are also essential for users. For example, the same online slots can be created in different variations. Therefore, a player will always be able to find the best game for himself.

Great Promotions for All Members

Special promotions are often held for players who have reached a high status at online casinos in Washington State. With their help, long-time players do not lose interest in the game over time, but on the contrary, only warm-up. Also, a lot of promotions are available for regular players who have just started to develop in the field of online gambling.

Other popular gambling sites in:

FAQ About Online Casinos in Washington

To make it easier for players to navigate and play at online casinos in Washington state, we’ve put together a series of our most popular and frequently asked questions. With their help, newcomers to the online casino industry will be able to quickly get started playing without contacting customer support.

Will Washington Ever Change Its Laws Towards Online Casino Gambling?

Washington State’s gambling laws are currently loyal to both owners and regular players. So we don’t think the laws will be changed anytime soon.

What Are the Best Online Casinos Operating in Washington Right Now?

There are many good online casinos in Washington State, so it is almost impossible to choose the best one. After all, each player has parameters for a comfortable game at an online casino.

Do Washington Casino Sites Offer Sports Betting Options?

Some online casinos with a separate license can offer players the to bet on sports. But whether to do them or not is up to the player.

How Much Money Can I Win Playing at Online Casinos?

The winnings at an online casino depend on its average payout ratio and the bet you make. Therefore, the higher the odds and the bet, the bigger your winnings will be.

How Do I Get Started Playing at Online Casinos in Washington?

To start playing at online casinos in Washington State, you must register at the online casino of your choice and start playing.

Can you gamble online in Washington State?

Gambling is entirely legal in the state of Washington as of 2019. So you can safely play casino games when you turn 21.

Is online gambling legal in Washington?

Online gambling became utterly legal in Washington State after it was passed in 2019. So when you start gambling, you don’t have to worry about the consequences.

Does Washington have slot machines?

Washington State has more than 14,000 slot machine establishments in different cities. Therefore, every player has free access to them.

What casino pays out the most in Washington State?

Each casino in Washington state has its payout odds, so the player decides for himself what payout will be the most profitable.