The problem with fraud in the world of online poker has always existed. And from the very beginning, they are trying to fight it, but unfortunately, it is not always possible. So the primary protection from cheaters is your caution. If you did get caught by cheaters, you could try to contact the operators, and they will help you get your money back, but it is still being determined. But you may help other people not to fall for these scammers.

Online Poker Payment Fraud Continues: How Do Operators Help 1

How do Payment Frauds occur

There are several types of payment fraud:

  • carding;
  • phishing;
  • malware;
  • leakage of your data directly from the site where you play.

Once the scammers have your data, you need to change your accounts. If the scammers have your login and password from the site – change the password. Otherwise, your balance may be stolen if the scammers have your data from the card – block and reissue your card. Otherwise, your money will be written off directly from your accounts.

Affect on players

Of course, no one would want to be cheated, so any user is hugely disappointed that their data appears at the internet crook. Many blame the casinos for this, which may be correct, but most often, players are primarily responsible for leaking their data.

A professional can win more slots. And so, it is necessary to study all the pros and cons of the game.

Casino license affect

If the casino is to blame for the data leak, it risks losing its license. That’s why all casinos try as hard as possible to protect their users’ data and sleeve any non-typical user actions. Typical actions may be considered as authorization from not a specific city, country, excessive activity, etc.


Online Poker Payment Fraud Continues: How Do Operators Help 2

Why are online gambling platforms more at risk?

Online gambling platforms are subject to hacker attacks more often than other platforms because such platforms hold a large amount of data that can be stolen. This includes bank details and your login details to the platform, allowing fraudsters to steal your investments after hitting them.

Global Payment systems: how do they help

Global payment systems always try to stop any non-typical payments of the client. Also, banks can cooperate with the police to investigate payment fraud and pass the data about the payment recipient to the police. Still, it is often impossible because the fraudsters take your money to their cryptocurrency, and there they can do nothing.

How to avoid payment fraud

To avoid fraud from the Internet, professionals recommend:

  • regularly change the authentication credentials of the platforms you are using;
  • do not use the same password anywhere;
  • regularly check your device for malware in your systems;
  • do not leave your data on suspicious sites.

Follow these tips and increase your chances of not getting caught in a scam. Of these tips, their universality is suitable for everyone and in all situations. Remember that anyone can make a mistake, but mistakes can be costly, and scammers will steal your data, so be careful on the Internet and use only proven online platforms.