The KO Series is an event that everyone who loves poker looks forward to. There’s a reason for that the KO Series allows you to have fun and profit from the game in the process. That’s because it’s one of the most lucrative events in the world of online gambling.

KO Series

The KO Series is an event where thousands of players love to play poker. The PKO has a few differences from classic poker. Half of your stake goes into the prize pool. The other half is awarded for defeating opponents. After a defeat, you get half of your reward for your game account, and the other half goes into the party prize pool.

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Basic series information

As a rule, the KO series is timed to some events or can be tied simply to the season, as it was in the summer festival.

To participate in this event for free, you must be a partypoker user and deposit $10 into your game account. Then a free $10 series will open up for you. It will consist of the following:

  • day 1 – 1 game for $5 and 5 games for $0.25;
  • day 3 – 5 games for $0.25;
  • day 6 – 5 games for $0.25;
  • day 7 – 5 games for $0.25.

If you are a good and lucky player, you can earn a lot more than the value of your games. This is great for beginners. If you can make your deposit with a larger amount, then the value of your games and, therefore, your earnings can increase. The Grand Draw of the event is $10,000. Try to get millions of dollars from micro gaming. They have released a new edition of their popular game.

All this became possible thanks to a team of experts in the gambling field. They have created some of the most attractive video slots on the market. These games are easily recognized by their user-friendly interface, flawless animations, and outstanding graphics. Each game uses HTML5 technology to ensure they work perfectly on any screen resolution.


This time, the series is timed to coincide with the Christmas holidays and the new year, so the event begins on 19.12. That’s two weeks of hectic action. Everyone will get their share of fun.

Main events

The main events in the KO Series will take place on dates like these:

  • 19.12 – opening of the tournament and prize fund drawing of $250.000;
  • 20.12 – 23.12 – preparation for Christmas and the drawing of the prize fund of $100.000;
  • 24.12 – 25.12 – Christmas draw of $500.000;
  • 12/26 – 12/30 – Pre-New Year’s draw of $100,000;
  • 12/31 – 01/01 – $250,000 New Year’s raffle;
  • 02.01 – festival closing and $1,000,000 prize pool drawing.

Add these dates to your calendar so that you can catch everything!

KO Series PKO Series PartyPoker 2

Main tournaments

There will be tournaments such as 8-Max, mix max-6 – 8, 6-max, and Battle, and there will also be plenty of mini-tournaments. Be sure to stop by and read Pokernews to keep up with the latest happenings.

New VIP program

Especially for the new PKO, Pokerfuse has developed a new VIP program. The new VIP program is very friendly for experienced players. You will get more bonuses, such as cashback and deposit bonuses. Follow the news about the new VIP program to find out more!

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